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Fishermen Gifts are easy to reel in with Bob's Filet Table!

I came across Bob's Filet Table while searching online for fishermen gifts. Wow! What a cool idea! This is certainly a great find as far as fishermen gifts go. Gifts For Fishermen & Fishing Gifts can sometimes be confusing to find just the right one. I'm so glad I discovered Bob's Filet Table and decided to invest in this. Most other fishermen gifts I came across were not as clever or enticing.

I highly recommend looking through this website and purchasing Bob's Filet Table. It has everything needed to cut your bait, measure your catch, and even fillet your catch on the spot! Any serious fisherman seeking modern fishermen gifts is going to adore Bob's Filet Table. It seems that young and old alike love Bob's Filet Table as fishermen gifts for a holiday gift, a birthday gift, or a Father's Day gift. The fishermen in your life are going to love these fishermen gifts!

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Review the links above to learn more about this great asset for your next fishing trip. There are several sizes to choose from so Bob's Filet Table offers variety, which can be important when deciding on fishermen gifts. You don't want one too big or too small, you want one that is just right! That's another reason why these fishermen gifts can be a valued investment for the fisherman in your life. They fit almost any cooler so it's almost impossible to go wrong. The - in my opinion - is a very important decision when selecting a gift such as this.

Bob's Filet Table is durable, tough and was designed to withstand the elements. It is also safe for food contact and it cleans up very easily. And, It floats! You don't have to worry about it sinking and ultimately losing it. How many other fishermen gifts are going to make you feel that secure? Many fishermen gifts offer only one these aspects, but Bob's Filet Table offers all these! An added bonus compared to most fishermen gifts.

Anyway, I strongly recommend Bob's Filet Table very much when deciding on your next round of fishermen gifts you buy for the fisherman in your life. I was looking for the best fishermen gifts on the market and I discovered it - Bob's Filet Table!


Adhesive-backed ruler

This 48" adhesive-backed ruler will stick to any flat at surface on your fishing boat. (Sold separately)

Rod-Holder Mounted Tables

Our Single Rod Table measures 24" x 15". It includes 4" walls around three sides and a side bracket to hold a knife. It is mounted to a durable, fully adjustable swivel mount that slides right into one of your boat's rod holders and locks in place.

Our Dual Rod Table measures 48" x 24". It includes 4" walls around three sides and a side bracket to hold a knife. It is mounted to two durable, fully adjustable swivel mounts that slide into two of your boat's rod holders.

Bonar Box

Measures 48" x 29" to fit your Bonar Box perfectly.
"The board is great! You really take pride in what you build. Some of my fishy friends have been kidding with me that I 'really dont need a board that size', as they try to take it from me!"
- Ken Eipel, Montauk, NY
72 Quart Filet Table 94 Quart Filet Table 128 Quart Filet Table
Bob's Filet Table :: The perfect gift for fishermen

Filet Table Details

• The Filet Table is a removable cutting board and knife sharpening system for the top of your cooler.

• The cutting board and storage rail assembly are manufactured from a cellular PVC material. This material is U.V. stabilized and designed to withstand the elements

• The measuring system is engraved and filled w/ epoxy to assure your catch is within limit, and the cutting surface is level

• This cutting platform is safe for food handling

• The board is attached to your cooler with an industrial strength waterproof Velcro. For best results, clean your cooler top with alcohol prior to placing on the Velco and do not separate for 24 hrs.

• The Filet Table comes equipped with a 7" Dexter Russell V-Lo filet knife for 72 qt. filet tables, and 8" Dexter Russell V-Lo filet knives if purchasing a 94 qt. or 128 & 162 qt. filet table. They come with a life time guarantee

• Two 8 inch sharpening rods that will never wear out are inserted into holes that hold the rods at two different angles, giving it a two stage sharpening system. The first stage thins the blade and the second stage puts an incredibly sharp durable edge on the blade. Sharpening instructions and safety precautions come with each board. Follow them carefully and enjoy your new Filet Table!

• To remove the sharpening rods, press down on the left side of rods, right side pops up

• All recessed compartments have individual drain holes

• All hardware is stainless steel

• The Filet Table has been designed to withstand the rigors of a saltwater environment using proven and time tested materials

Custom engraving is available. Personalize your gift with the name of a boat or an annual fishing trip.

The Filet Table is available in 3 sizes (& 4 Econo sizes):

26.5" x 14.5" fits 72 qt. coolers. For mid sized boats and beach buggies.

31.5" x 15" fits 94 qt. coolers. If you’re a striper fisherman, this one’s for you. Either in the surf or prowling the rips!

39" x 16" fits 128 & 162 qt. coolers. This is a great asset for any deep sea fishing expedition!



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