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One of the best gifts for fishermen on the market. Fishing gifts start with Bob's Filet Table!

I really like Bob's Filet Table a lot. I was searching online for fishing gifts - truth be told I was seeking the best gifts for fishermen on the market - and I came across Bob's Filet Table. Wow! What a unique product. This is certainly one of the few fishing gifts I have discovered that I really must have. Unique gifts for fishermen can sometimes be difficult to find, and I'm glad I came across Bob's Filet Table.

I highly recommend looking through this website and getting familiar with Bob's Filet Table. It has all the aspects needed to cut your bait, measure your catch, and even fillet your catch on the spot! Any serious fisherman seeking new and exciting fishing gifts is going to love this product. Even if you don't fish this will make perfect gifts for fishermen in your life - a holiday gift, a birthday gift, or a Father's Day gift. It seems that young and old alike love Bob's Filet Table as fishing gifts. You are sure to bring a lifetime of happiness with these unique gifts for fishermen!

A lifetime of happiness? Yes, that's right. Bob's Filet Table is tough and durable and was designed to withstand even the harshest of conditions. Yet, it is also safe for food contact and it cleans up very easily. And guess what? It floats! You don't have to worry about it sinking and ultimately losing it. How many other fishing gifts do you know of that can boast that? Many gifts for fishermen offer one or the other of these aspects, but Bob's Filet Table offers this all in the same product! That's a fantastic bonus compared to most fishing gifts I have encountered.

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You might want to check out the links above to learn more about this great asset to any fishing trip. There are 4 sizes to choose from so Bob's Filet Table offers variety, which can be important when deciding on fishing gifts. You don't want one too big or too small, you want one that is just right! That's another reason why these gifts for fishermen can be a valued investment for the special fisherman in your life. They fit almost any cooler so it's almost impossible to go wrong.

To sum it all up, I strongly recommend considering Bob's Filet Table when you are searching for fishing gifts that will surely please any fisherman. I was looking for the best gifts for fishermen on the market and I found it - Bob's Filet Table!


Adhesive-backed ruler

This 48" adhesive-backed ruler will stick to any flat at surface on your fishing boat. (Sold separately)

Rod-Holder Mounted Tables

Our Single Rod Table measures 24" x 15". It includes 4" walls around three sides and a side bracket to hold a knife. It is mounted to a durable, fully adjustable swivel mount that slides right into one of your boat's rod holders and locks in place.

Our Dual Rod Table measures 48" x 24". It includes 4" walls around three sides and a side bracket to hold a knife. It is mounted to two durable, fully adjustable swivel mounts that slide into two of your boat's rod holders.

Bonar Box

Measures 48" x 29" to fit your Bonar Box perfectly.
"The board is great! You really take pride in what you build. Some of my fishy friends have been kidding with me that I 'really dont need a board that size', as they try to take it from me!"
- Ken Eipel, Montauk, NY
72 Quart Filet Table 94 Quart Filet Table 128 Quart Filet Table
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Bob's Filet Tables are unique products that have undergone years of testing and development. We've used the best products and materials in the U.S. market. From the filet table, to the Dexter Russell knife and the ceramic sharpening rods, every component is American-made.

Our product line includes three standard sizes and the new Bonar Box line. Each is available in "Supreme" or "Econoline." ALL of our tables are made of the same high grade PVC material and come standard with an engraved, epoxy-filled ruler built into the surface of the table.

The Econoline tables are simply the filet table with the built-in ruler, that secures to the cooler with two waterproof velcro strips. Has 2" walls on three sides.

The Supreme tables are the same filet table, along with a Dexter Russell filet knife, two ceramic sharpening rods, and a built-in compartment to store the knife and rods. Secures to the cooler with two waterproof velcro strips. Has 2" walls on three sides.

Available in 6 sizes (& 3 Econo sizes) to fit most cooler sizes:

72qt. 26.5"x14.5"

94qt. 31.5"x15"

128 & 162qt. 39"x16"

Bonar Box cooler 48"x29"

Single Rod mount 24"x15"

Dual Rod mount 48"x24"


Store Locations Carrying Bob's Filet Table:

  • Higbee's Marine - Fortescue, NJ
    (856) 447-4157
  • Long Reach Marina - Port Norris, NJ
    (856) 785-1818
  • Hodge Podge Bait and Tackle - Avalon, NJ
    (609) 967-3274
  • Gibson's - Sea Isle, NJ
    (609) 827-3442
  • Tackle Direct
    6825 Tilton Road, Bldg C
    Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234
    (888) 354-7335
  • Holtz's Boat Works - Marmora, NJ
    (609) 390-3052
  • Fin-Atics - Ocean City, NJ
    (866) 224-2248
  • Dockside Marine Supply - Barnegat, NJ
    (609) 660-9300
  • Fisherman Headquarters - Ship Bottom, NJ
    (877) 984-5400
  • Grumpy's Bait and Tackle - Seaside Park, NJ
    (732) 830-1900
  • Reel Life Bait and Tackle - Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
    (732) 899-3506
  • Fred's Bait and Tackle - South Amboy, NJ
    (732) 721-4747
  • Eastern Marine - Newark, DE
    (800) 453-7379





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